Sunday, April 1, 2012

Windy run

Getting out there to run today was not easy! I woke up this morning in a cabin in Pescadero, CA. It's about an hour south of the city on the 1 and it's beautiful! Yesterday I drove down to meet up with my friend from grad school Brenna, her boyfriend Zach, and her friend in the city Sarah. We had a good dinner, a lot of good wine, and some quality hot tub time in the rain and sleet. So this morning we were pretty slow going, but once we got on the road we stopped at Half Moon Bay Brewing Co for brunch, which was awesome, and then headed home. When I got home at 3, after sitting in a lot of traffic, I was exhausted and really just wanted to nap and be lazy all afternoon. But it was a beautiful day outside so after a lot of arguing with myself I finally got off my ass and went down to the Bay trail. It was really windy, but still beautiful.
View from the bay trail - Bay bridge on the left, then SF, then the golden gate on the right. This is an old picture and today wasn't quite as clear, but you get the idea.
I love the Bay Trail!!  But today it was super windy and really challenging. I still managed to knock out 8 miles and actually enjoyed it, which is encouraging. Then I came home and did 20 minutes of a yoga DVD to get some good stretching. I'm glad I went because I know I feel a lot better now than if I had vegged on the couch all afternoon. And that brings me to over 3,000 calories burned this week in workouts, which is my goal every week of pre-season training. Sweet! Next week is going to be a challenge because my family will be in town so I'll have to kick ass at the beginning of the week. Better go to bed early!!

How do you motivate yourself to workout instead of nap?? Leave me a comment!

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  1. I usually just nap =) But dragging my ass outside to get some fresh air helps, I just tell myself I'll just go around the block and then I'll feel good enough to keep going... usually!