Monday, April 16, 2012

What a productive weekend!

This was the most productive weekend in a loooooong time! I started increasing my training intensity this weekend. My schedule says that official training for 140.6 starts next week, but I decided to start a week early. I have at least one weekend in June when I'll be out of town and not training (yay for Chris's graduation!!) and the 100 mile ride in Tahoe will probably require a few rest days before and after, so an extra week of training at the beginning couldn't hurt. I also got a lot of work done in lab both Saturday and Sunday, did a private tutoring session (I love extra money!), did my taxes (I love refunds!), planned my meals for the week, and did the grocery shopping to get everything (I love food!). 

Training deets: Saturday was a beautiful day so I laced up my shoes and did a 9 mile run on the Bay Trail. I've posted pictures of the bay trail before so I didn't take any this week, but just imagine a blue, cloudless sky, about 60 degrees (not too hot!), and the whole bay to look at. Despite the fact that I made several rookie mistakes (wearing the wrong socks gave me blisters, wearing the wrong bra was not comfortable, my toenails cut their neighboring toe and made them bleed, and I didn't get sunscreen around the back of my neck under my pony tail so I got sunburned) it was a really enjoyable run! I probably could have kept going for another mile or 2, but I was trying to save my legs for Sunday. Speaking of which.....

Sunday was our first group ride in preparation for 100 miles around Lake Tahoe. We did a 24 mile ride around Sausalito and Tiburon and it was awesome! The weather Sunday was a little cooler and cloudy, but it turned out to be perfect for our ride. 
Starting in Sausalito. Beautiful view of the bay and SF, but a little too cloudy for the pictures to come out well.

We rode through Fort Baker.

Turned the corner and there's the Golden Gate Bridge! 

GG Bridge again.

Another cloudy view of the city/bay bridge.

Part of our route was on a bike/running path through Sausalito. Here you can see Tiburon on the other side of the water. That's where we're headed!

My riding buddies! Snacking at the halfway point.
After our ride we were starving so we went to Le Garage for brunch. Actually, I can't speak for the whole group, but I was so hungry that I was getting grumpy (some might call it bitchy) and almost didn't let Kelsey park in the valet lot because the valet dude was pissing me off. Luckily, we were able to park and didn't have to wait too long for a table. The food was delicious, but the most enjoyable parts were the company and the wine :)
Nothing like a French Rose after a long ride!
All-in-all I burned 3,422 calories in 6hr 40min of workouts last week. Let's see if I can beat it this week!!

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