Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend of fun with the fam!!

The weekend of fun with the family is over. I'm sad because we always have so much fun together, but kind of happy because our version of fun involves a lot of food and adult beverages. 
Yay, first drink of my staycation! (on my uncles' awesome deck)
It'll be nice to get back to normalcy (ie: eating healthy and working out regularly). Unfortunately, this is what I have to look forward to this week:
At least we had great weather over the weekend. And I wasn't completely lazy and gluttonous. My sister and I went out Friday morning to Crissy Field for a run/walk.
Look how fast she is!
We covered just over 5 miles and it was so much fun!! We even made it to the end of the run/bike path at the bridge.
We may or may not have taken 10 pics to get this one shot where we are both looking in the right direction with the bridge in the background.
We also ran into this new Fitness Center they are demo'ing for the next 6 months. 

They had personal trainers hanging out to take people through the workout For Free! There are 7 stations and you do each for a minute (45 sec of activity, 15 sec to get to the next station). The stations included: plank position, walking lunges, modified push-ups, modified pull-ups, box jumps/squats, agility (think hop-scotch), and back extensions. Each station had a bunch of different ways you can modify it to fit your fitness level. It would definitely be a good workout to go through the circuit 3 or 4 times or to do each activity for longer. The plan is to replace all the wooden fitness areas in parks with these things. I hope this catches on! Here's the website if you're interested in more information.

This week marks the official start of Tahoe 100 training! Sunday I'm meeting up with Kelsey and the Uncles for a 25-30 mile ride in Sausalito, ending at a fabulous brunch place (yet to be determined). I'm so excited that I was able to convince them to do this ride with me! The training is going to be so much more fun with them than it would be on my own! I've got about 8 week to prepare for the 100 mile ride so I need to get my ass in that saddle! Luckily, it's Tuesday so I can do my favorite workout tomorrow - watch Biggest Loser on nbc.com while riding my bike on the trainer. I love that show! It's really motivating and during the commercials I sprint to mix up the ride a bit. 
Is it a good sign or terribly depressing that every week I really look forward to my BL time on the bike??

9:15pm update: I forgot to bring home my macbook power cord from lab!! How am I going to be able to watch BL with only 11% battery left?!?! <sigh>


  1. I love the workout in the park idea, it sounds like my bootcamp class only a lot cheaper! Good luck with your training, the bike ride sounds like it'll be a lot of fun :)

  2. I look forward to sitting on the coach and watching the Biggest Loser every week. There is no exercise involved - unless spooning my Ben and Jerry's Greek Yogurt into my mouth counts?

  3. Haha but your lab is so close! That run was so fun, I haven't gone out again since Candace has been here and I actually miss running right now!