Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy birthday to me!!

My birthday present to myself is here!! It was a big birthday (30, yikes!) so I went big. It's a Kinetic Road Machine by Kurt.

It's super-sweet! I just rode for 25 minutes and all the reviews are true - it's a really quiet, smooth ride. The stand I got for the front tire has several levels so you can adjust it to make it feel like it's going up-hill. Haven't tested that feature out yet, but it should be cool!

And Barton got a present too. It came in a huge box with a plastic bag inside! His 2 favorite things!

Tomorrow is my rest day, which will be greatly appreciated! It's been really satisfying to get back into the groove of eating right and working out hard. But it's also been a really tiring week of long days in lab that have completely exhausted me. I'm glad I get a rest day tomorrow so I'll be fresh for my 8 mile hike with the uncles on Saturday. I'll gladly change my training schedule for that! 


  1. Sweet! Glad you have your light on, don't wanna get runover =P Saturday sounds fun, wish I was there!

  2. Keep me posted on the trainer. I want to buy one, but I have no idea which one to get. Plus the couple of times I've borrowed and used a trainer, I hated it. I'm hoping it was simply a crappy trainer.