Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who knew 2 jobs would be so time-consuming??

This post is waaaay overdue! I have said that several times and usually it's because I'm waiting for something noteworthy to happen. But this time, it's because I've been too damn busy to keep up with everything. So the blog was the first thing to get neglected. Good news though - I didn't totally forget about it so I have a few good pics and stories that I've been saving up! 

My last post was February 9th. Since then I've spent:
- 2hr lifting weights
- 4hr 15min running (all in the form of intervals on the treadmill, which I loathe so I think they should count double)
- 4hr swimming
- 5hr 10min biking
That's 15hr 25min of workouts in 20 days, which averages about 45 min/day. Not bad considering I also spent:
- 1 day wine tasting in Sonoma
- 1 day liquor tasting in Alameda
- Over 28hrs teaching and tutoring [my other job(s)]

And since I'm listing things, my averages for the month of Feb:
Calories burned/day: 2,142
Calories consumed/day: 1,555
That's an average deficit of 587, which should be enough to lose almost 5 lbs! However, in my experience, the math of calories-in/calories-out does not usually work out how I think it should. Especially considering that I'm pretty sure the estimate of calories burned/day is on the low side. Anyway, at least I am on the right track and hopefully will lose some weight to make me faster and more aerodynamic! My clothes are fitting better, but I still haven't had the guts to get on the scale. Maybe in March.... 

And onto the sweet pics I promised! First up, the bike ride I did with Kelsey on the 18th. It was brutal! It was 16 mi total, the first 12 of which are straight up hill! But at least we were rewarded with great views at the top. 
A little hazy, but still awesome view of the city and bay.
The debut of the cycling top I bought at Vineman 70.3! It was perfect!
By the time we got to the very top the sun was making it difficult to take pictures,
but this is the outline of Kelsey!
The next day I organized a trip to celebrate the Uncles' birthdays. A ferry ride to Alameda for a tour and tasting at the distillery that makes Hangar One (undoubtedly the best vodka ever made). Again, great views of the city and bay, but I didn't have to work nearly as hard to get them as the previous day!
Nathan, Aaron, Alex, and Rex on the ferry!
I couldn't back up far enough to get everyone in one shot (for obvious reasons) so here's another one: Greg, Nathan, and Aaron this time! 
It's been 14 months but I still can't believe I live here sometimes!

I have a few more pics from the last couple of days, but I think I'll save them for the next post. I really can't beat this last one! My other job is over after Monday night so hopefully it won't take me as long to post again. 

Leave me a comment if you want to come visit me after seeing my awesome pics of the city!!

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  1. It's been like 10 years that i've lived in the bay and I also can't believe i live here! Glad I finally took the ferry.