Friday, March 23, 2012

New Race on the Calendar!

Finally signed up for another race!
I just registered for the Bike The West 100 mile ride in Tahoe on June 3rd! I'm really excited because my uncle did this ride last year and said it was beautiful and lots of fun! It's also a quick 3 hour drive away so the travel expenses won't be too bad. I've had a hard time finding affordable races that are close by and fit into my training schedule. But Tahoe isn't too far and it's totally worth it to kick my ass into gear and get me on that bike! The biking is the hardest part of training for me so it will be good to have a goal to train for before the big race. And I'm sure on race day it will help my confidence to know that I've knocked out 100 miles before without a problem (I hope!). 

Back to work... I will update more soon, I promise! I'm a terrible blogger. 

Who's going to sign up to do this ride with me?!?!

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  1. Good luck! That will be a great lead-in to your IM. I told myself I would do a century ride this year, but I'm starting to reconsider it. I seriously hate the bike. ;^)