Monday, July 9, 2012

Let the tapering begin!!

Taper: verb. To reduce gradually. It's finally time to start winding down the training! I'm both excited and terrified. Tapering is way harder than it sounds. Mentally, it's brutal. As the race gets closer a few things usually happen:
1. The workouts get shorter and less intense so you feel like a slacker.
2. You're burning less calories, but supposed to be getting optimal nutrition and hydration, which means you probably put on a few pounds in the last few weeks. This makes you feel slow and lethargic so you assume that you won't be able to perform on race day.
3. Random shit starts hurting and, of course, you assume the worse and start panicking about what that means for your race.
4. Everything you do, eat, drink, and think about brings up the questions in your head: "how is this going to affect my race?" 
I am not looking forward to any of these things, but that's how it goes. It can't be helped. 

Rewind to last week....

Last week was my hardest week of training and it's all downhill from here!  Although technically it was my hardest week, it didn't feel that bad. Maybe it's because I only had 4 workouts?? Here's what I did:
Monday - Longest swim = 3000m
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Longest run = 16.5 miles
Thursday - rest/hangover day
Friday - swim 2100m
Saturday - 77 miles bike/ 1 mile run
Sunday - rest/run errands (which was actually exhausting!)

I have been really disappointed with my brick workouts the past couple of weeks and Saturday was no exception. I started out the day planning on doing the whole bike course (112 miles) plus a short run (3 miles-ish). The bike course is 2 loops of 56 miles and I had it planned perfectly so that I had enough nutrition for 1 loop and then I would stop at the car and re-up for the second loop. I'm not sure if I didn't eat enough on the first loop, or if it was the heat (90 degrees), or what, but after the first loop I knew that I wouldn't make it around again. So I told myself to go out and back at least 15 more miles (86 miles total). I agreed to this plan for about 6 miles and then I realized that I just didn't have it in me. Thinking that maybe I didn't eat enough, I stopped for a few minutes and ate 1/2 of a peanut butter sandwich. I made it another 5 miles or so and had to stop again. Thinking maybe caffeine would help, I took a minute break to eat a GU with 2x caffeine. Then I made it about 4 more miles before getting out my phone and finding an alternate route back to the car with my GPS. Thus, I only did 77 miles. I was really frustrated and disappointed with myself. Actually, I still am. It's terrible to have my last long training ride be such a failure because I'll be thinking/worrying about it for the next 3 weeks..... which brings me to my next point....


I think it's officially freak-out time!! 


  1. This is going to be awesome Michelle, you can do this :)